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Frequently asked questions

When I run "run.bat" I get the following error message: "exception in thread "main" NoClassDefFoundError."
I have a version of Java on my machine.

Probably you unzipped the package with WinZip and had the "Use folder names" box unchecked. There should be folder "pokercalculator" under the programs main folder, and all the .class files should be there.

I downloaded your program and the Java, but still get the message "Bad command or file name" when trying to run it.

You probably downloaded a wrong version of Java, their webpage can be a mess. try and choose approppriate one from JRE's (not SDK). If this link is dead, please drop something through my feedback page, so that I can hunt the correct page down again.

I'm trying to run the program but get the following error message "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: pokercalculator/PokerCalculator".

Try runxp.bat. If you don't have it (it should be in the same place as run.bat) download the latest version.

This is a good program. Why is it free?

It's good only as long as it is free. There are better alternatives for most things if you're willing to put up the money, Wilson software for example. Also, now that this is a free service I can fix the bugs without pressure when I feel like it.

Can I see the source?

This is not open source, but if you're interested, drop me a line through feedback. Don't forget to give your e-mail address.

The new web design is ugly.

Sorry, I did this layout one day and had to use it somewhere. And I like it myself.

5-card stud simulations crash the program.

This is fixed in version 1.1.3. Download the newest version.